2014 Food Photography Award Winner







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2014 Photography Annual Winning Project

OAR IN WATER: Advertising Category

"This image, shot on the marshes just outside Charleston, South Carolina, was used across print and social media. The full-spread print execution featured hand drawn typography and was run in magazines such as Modern Farmer, Ducks Unlimited, and Garden & Gun."


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June 2014

THE DAILY EDIT: Garden & Gun- Jody Horton

"Heidi: How many days did you have to shoot this project?

Jody: All production was accomplished in 3 days. We had a travel day on both sides so I was gone for 5 days in all.

Do you speak Spanish?

I lived in Costa Rica for a few years after college, and living in Texas speak limited Spanish with frequency, but its pretty survival-level."


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May 2014







April 2014

Where There's Smoke

"Through networking and coincidence, photographer Jody Horton landed a gig for a heroicnew cookbook Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by celebrated chef Tim Byres. Jody first met Tim at a Southern Food Alliance meeting. Years later, Jody was dropping an assistant of his off in Dallas and realized that Tim’s restaurant “Smoke” was next door.  Acting on a whim, Jody went in to speak with Tim. This simple act would lead to a job that took the better part of a year to complete.

After some back and forth, Tim and Jody agreed that Smoke would be the perfect project for them to collaborate on.  Once he gained approval from book publisher Rizzoli, Jody was hired for the job."


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February 2014

Food is People

"Out of the tub they spill, dozens upon dozens of crawfish, a cataract of crustaceans, their orangey-red rawness set off by the sun-bright yellow corn on the cob and lemons nestled among them. Their shells aren't shiny, but the smooth evenness of the light makes them appear to glow, and the lushness of the colors combined with the precise moment being captured – the instant that boiled-up goodness hits the weathered wood of the picnic table – just calls out to you to come and get it. It's the kind of image that gets your mouth watering, makes you crave something that you didn't even know you were hungry for, and, even as it rumbles your belly, seizes your heart and makes you fall in love with the very idea of food."


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January 2014

Tricks of the Trade: Jody Horton, Food Photographer

"Posting snapshots of what's for dinner is a favorite pastime of social-media users, but making dishes appear as delicious as they taste is an elusive skill.

With a few professional tweaks, though, amateur food photographers can give their smartphone-captured meals a major upgrade. Austin, Texas-based food photographer Jody Horton believes nearly any dish can make for a pretty picture--extensive food styling not required."


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January 2014

Food Photography by Jody Horton, A Tasty Storyteller

"Jody Horton is an Austin-based food and lifestyle photographer: born in Germany but raised in Charleston, SC, Jody has called Austin, TX home for more than 10 years. He studied English (BA) and Ethnology (MA) and is self taught as a photographer."


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November 2013


May 2013

Exposed: Jody Horton

"One autumn evening, photographer Jody Horton found himself in his Mountaineer with chef Jesse Griffiths, hurtling south toward Port Aransas. When they reached the coast, Horton had eight minutes until sundown to dig a sand pit, build a fire and photograph Griffiths’ saltwater catch. “It’s a little stressful but also exhilarating,” he says. “You know you have no time, but you have to pull it off—and you still have to get the shot, despite the odds.” Horton has taken this philosophy with him from Costa Rica to Maine, from deer blinds to peach farms, capturing evocative stories of real people and their food along the way. "


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April 2013

Field and Fire

"Austin-based food and lifestyle photographer, Jody Horton, has had the awesome opportunity to photograph a few cookbooks in his day. The first is “Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” by Jesse Griffiths (Welcome, 2012) which was recently nominated as a finalist by the James Beard Foundation Awards committee in the Cookbooks: Single Subject category. Kudos to Horton for making such lovely images out of butchered wild game. His second cookbook, “Smoke: New Firewood Cooking” by Tim Byres (Rizzoli, 2013) will be released April 30."


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March 2013

A Day in the Life: Jody Horton, Food Photographer

"Admiring that artful photo of Austin food? Chances are you’re looking at Jody Horton’s work. The longtime professional photographer and former documentary filmmaker works with national publications like Travel and Leisure and Esquire as well as local favorites like Tribeza and Texas Monthly. Most recently he collaborated with Dai Due chef Jesse Griffiths on Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish. Here is how Horton’s day went on Wednesday, Feb. 13."


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XXXX 2013

Jody Horton's Bloody Cookbook

"It’s not for the squeamish. But for those who don’t mind seeing how the proverbial sausage is made, “Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” (2012, Welcome Books) just might be the best bloody cookbook of all time (think “Julia Child meets ‘Saw III’”).

Some 335 incredible photos by FoundFolios member Jody Horton highlight the tails (and entrails) in the new collection, which was written by Jody’s friend and fellow hunting enthusiast Jesse Griffiths. From concept to covers, the two spent nearly three years on the book, including many battles with publishers over which of the nearly 15,000 photos Jody shot would make the…ahem, final cut."


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September 2012

Dreamiest Table in the South? (It's Afield)

"If there ever was a cookbook that made you want to pull on your Hunter boots and stroll through wet prairie grass–to forage for and feast on dinner–it’s Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish by Jesse Griffiths (with stunning photographs by Jody Horton, one of our favorite photographers), published today by Welcome Books."


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May 2016

Food & Lifestyle Photography, Jody Horton!

"Vickie talks with Jody Horton about his journey from struggling documentarian to James Beard Award-winning and internationally recognized Food & Lifestyle photographer, how he applies his degree in anthropology to his work, and his views on infusing creativity into his young sons’ lives. Go here to get links and see a few of Jody’s photos!"


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May 2016

Jody Horton, Food Nourishes Us

"Man’s relationship with food is comprised of routines that are never rendered mundane. In the gestures of the cultivation or preparation of food, there is an encounter between the elementary and the refined, of offering and retribution, of necessity and of pleasure. This is the world that nourishes the oeuvre of Jody Horton. This North American photographer captures a universe in which passion is the main ingredient. And since all passions require little if any filtering, the quest for the genuine that characterizes the portfolio of his work stirs the senses as it documents cultural wealth. Here is photography probing different angles of our nature, while also revealing the background of an artist who enjoys traveling the world, and who has already dedicated himself to writing and studying English and Ethnology."


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May 2016


George & Barbara for Garden & Gun, Photographer News

"Last November, Garden & Gun hired Jody Horton to photograph a “portrait” of Houston. The assignment ended up being quite more interesting than just a run-of-the-mill city shoot. Since Jody tells the story so well himself, I thought I’d let him tell it in his own words. Take it away Jody:

I was shooting Houston for Garden & Gun and took my assistant, Sean Johnson, with me to help navigate the hellish traffic and get to where we needed in a totally packed schedule. We had four full days planned ahead of us."


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August 2016

Capturing the Genuine with Ease

"“I’m glad so many commercial clients are looking for work that feels more natural and editorial,” says Austin, TX-based food and lifestyle photographer Jody Horton. “That’s really our strength.” He describes how he and his crew are often called on to create images that feel like “genuine moments.” These range from tiny sets - like a tight shot of a bartender pouring a drink - to larger scenes like dinner parties."


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January 2014

Recipe for Appetizing Food Photos

"Posting snapshots of what's for dinner is a favorite pastime of social-media users, but making dishes appear as delicious as they taste is an elusive skill.

With a few professional tweaks, though, amateur food photographers can give their smartphone-captured meals a major upgrade. Austin, Texas-based food photographer Jody Horton believes nearly any dish can make for a pretty picture—extensive food styling not required."


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October 2015

TreeHouse Annual Favors Substance Over Facts and Figures

"TreeHouse, a Texas-based home design and improvement center focused on green and sustainability, recently published their first Annual report. But don’t let the fact this small company never mentions their balance sheet in the book get in the way of a good read."

TreeHouse is a collaboration produced by Jody Horton and The Distillery.


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May 2014

BBQ Photographers: Jody Horton

"Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Jody Horton has called Austin, Texas home for more than ten years.  Prior to refocusing on photography a few years ago he worked as a writer and editor and as a one-man documentary film production company that had no financial future whatsoever.  He studied English (BA) and Ethnology (MA) and would go back to school to study architecture if the human lifespan was longer. His interest in culture led him to travel extensively and to live in Southeast Asia and Costa Rica, but he is glad now to live in the middle of the most badass state in the country."


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April 2012

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Jody Horton

"Jody Horton is an Austin-based food and lifestyle photographer whose work has appeared in Garden and Gun, The New York Times Magazine, and Esquire.

Jasmine: What’s your background? Did you study photography?

Jody: I went to Clemson University and got a BA in in English with a minor in Communications. At Clemson, I took an intro to photography class. After Clemson, I went to the University of New Mexico for a Masters in Cultural Anthropology. During grad school I was interested in photography and film, and took 16mm film classes as part of the grad program. In school, I used visual mediums for ethnographic work. I did a study on low rider culture where I took pictures of their cars and then interviewed the car owners. I also did a semester in Bangkok, plus some time in central Java and attended the Maine Media Workshops."


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November 2013


See Food: Contemporary Photography and the Ways We Eat

Jody Horton is attracted to food as a mode of storytelling. By documenting the gathering or creating, and often some transformation, Horton depicts a series of engagements between land and people. For his series, Oyster Picking, Horton joined oystermen Steven White and Jeff Spahr for a harvest in Bulls Bay, SC.


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